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carPC as a volume controller?

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  • carPC as a volume controller?

    I am trying to find a way to control the volume in my car audio system. I have a Zapco ( DSP6 processor with a digital input and an Alpine CD changer with a digital output. The changer has a controller for tracking and power. I have music and can change the discs and tracking via the changer controller but I have no way to control volume(its quite loud when I change to the digital input) without adding several more Alpine pieces. (Alpine head unit and Alpine processor) The car is a 05 Acura TL. I want to keep the factory head unit and simply add this changer and use the digial output of it into the Zapco processor. I do have the factory head unit thru LOC's into the analog input of the Zapco processor then to the amps. I would have never thought this would be so difficult! Can anyone point me in the direction of some sort of volume controller with digital in and out?

    Can a basic carPC do this?

    Any help is appreciated in advance!


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    zapco DRC-SL


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      Originally posted by Abmolech View Post
      zapco DRC-SL

      Its a pain to work, esp while driving. And then you have one piece for volume and one for tracking. If I can find something to control the volume out of the changer I hope to wire it into the changer controller so there is just one piece for both tracking and volume.