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New Reciever with a BOSE system

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  • New Reciever with a BOSE system

    Okay so as of now I drive a 1999 Acura CL with premium bose speakers. I just bought a new alpine reciever because the stock one has no mp3,wma, or ipod support. So im sure u guys know the problem is with the different numbers of omes used. I am a noob with all this but I at least tried to figure things out myself and after talking to numerous people it seems the only solutions available are to:

    1) keep the current system and deck
    2) change the deck but also the speakers (i think the current deck is attached to the amp and so thats where the ome problem comes in. so if i change the speakers this will be resolved right). i do not and will not do this because i am a broke college student haha.
    3) use a premium sound wire harness. VEN-4 i believe its called?

    So after talking to my friends who are somewhat knowledgeable on this topic i was told that i should just leave things as tehy are but if i did want to change it i should use this: Then they said even if i do use this, it probably wont work really well and the sound quality will be extremeley reduced. BAsically, more of a hassle than its worth. Okay so my question is what is my best option and are there any others?? I would be extremely grateful for any help. Either way im looking foward to making this my new hobby and so any knowledge will be helpful. thanks =)

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    This forum is dedicated to CarPCs and installing them in your car.

    The car audio forum is dedicated to integrating your car audio system with your CarPC.

    For specific questions related to car audio equipment systems that do not include CarPCs, I would recomend checking out car audio specific forums:
    et. al.

    There is a chance that someone on here might have an answer for you, I would just hate for you to wait around for it when I know you could get an answer much quicker on a dedicated forum.

    Good luck.

    Jan Bennett
    FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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      haha yah sorry guys. i read the forum rules after my post... and i felt like a retard. but i must say i am intrigued by this carpc concept. now if only i had the money for it. well thanks for the help!