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Haven trouble trying to install W200/Phx-h701

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  • Haven trouble trying to install W200/Phx-h701

    OK here I go well starters I'm going active. I can install the HU by myself but what I can't understand is how to wire up the speakers. These is my setup other than the HU that is installed right know!! Do I have to take off the crossovers and wire the tweeters/Mids right to the amp the other problem is that I have 2way component's front and back do I have to get a other amp for the rears??

    Help me out please i'm lost lol!!

    Front~CS 265 Profi Phase Plug

    Rear~CS 230 Profi

    Mono Amp~US Amps MD-2

    Doors Amp~ClifDesign CD40.4 lx

    Woofer~Eclipse Ti SW9122 12"

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    yes you need another amp for the rears
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