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  • Popping and bumping from Subs

    Hey guys, my name is mike, and im new here. I have a 67 camaro RS with a system that the guy before me put in. It has polks all around, and 2 JL 12's in the back, and 2 amps.
    Ok, so here is where the SH*% started...
    I turned on my car, rockin out to some classic rock, (bass wasnt even turned up high at all) and my car starts making this BDBDBDBDBDB sound coming from everythwere it seemed. Volume didnt matter, so i just turned it off. I put it on once an a while, and it was just engine whining frequency, and these pops every couple of seconds. I have had it off for months now, and driving in the silence is driving me crazy. Soo, ive looked at everything, because for some reason i was convinced it was the speaker and its amp, i checked the ground, everything, seemed to be fine. soo, i unplugged the bass inputs, and kept the speakers plugged in, and it was good (except now there is a engine whine, and a whine in the background) So if i just plug the subs in, it goes BDBDBD until i unplug it. Does anyone know what could be the source? i want to take it to somewhere, but first, i dont know whats a good shop in the San fernando valley, in cali. and second, with Xmas and all, i seem to be running out of money buying gifts. IF this has happened to anyone, or if you know what could be the culprit, let me know, it was so unepected and there are all these knobs, and switches on the amp, i dont want to mess up anything more. Also, i was thinking of bringing it to Al and Eds but im not sure, i called and they said it would be about 100+ bucks to find out, but i cant afford that this month. thanks a lot, and its a cool site you have here,
    Have a good one,