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Chevy Tahoe Stock Amp??

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  • Chevy Tahoe Stock Amp??

    I drive a 2001 chevy tahoe and installed a system. I'm basically wondering if anyone knows where the stock amp might be located because I think if I can take that out it might solve my problems. Thank you for your time.

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    I think its under the center console. If you pull the bucket out I think you can get to it. No promises.
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      I didn't see any amp under my center console in my '01 tahoe. Are you talking about the amp for the rear sub?
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        In an '01 it should be behind the glove box lid.


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          Thank you guys very much. I will check it out in the next few days when I actually have some time again off work and see if I can solve my problem. Thanks again!


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            Found stock

            Ok, so I found the stock amp and then I thought, "ok, so now what?" Do I just disconnect it now? (I am running 2 amps, one for my subs, one for my front components, rear speakers are hard wired to the head unit itself.)

            Let me attempt to explain my problem/set up:

            Because it was difficult to run new wires from my head unit to my front components, I used the same wires that were connected to my original front stock speakers/tweeters. I still have the same stock rear speakers and I have that hard wired to my head unit, rather than having them plugged in thru the rca/amp (I'm not sure if I'm wording that right..). As mentioned earlier, I run 2 amps: 1 for my subs; 1 for my front components.

            At first, for a couple months, my system was working fine, never had any problems. But gradually I would have problems w/ both my front and rear speakers cutting out (so basically only the subs would be working) when I start my car. It got to a point where it'd be almost like a coin toss on whether my speakers would work or not when I start my car. On the few rare occasions that they DID work, once I tap the brake, or roll down my window, the speakers would just cut out right then and there. Now it seems as though they just dont work period. The amp seems to be fine; when I tried touching the wires for the component speakers to a battery to see if I could hear that "click" noise, I heard nothing. However, I think it might have something to do w/ the stock amp and would like to know what I should do with it (e.g. should I just disconnect it? Do anything special to it?).

            Thanks again for your time.