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    Hey i have a pioneer dehp3500 h/u, rockford p5002amp, two mtx roadthunders and they all work fine. The only thing is that i just bought a line driver-audiocontrol overdrive concert series. It has a ground, power, and a remote after i hook them up it powers up. How do i tune or set the line driver. The only adjustment on it is the input gain. How do i get it to boost up my signal or is it already, cause i notice no difference in the bass. On the input gain if i turn it up till it lights up the 2 volt light the subs quit and start whinning like you are searching on a am raido. It has a 2,5and a 8 volt light. What do i do?

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    1. This is not a car audio forum. This is a forum for dealing with car audio when putting computers in cars.

    2. Your headunit puts out PLENTY Of voltage for your amplifier. Putting in the line-driver is going to overdrive your amplifier and cause things to sound bad or not work.

    3. Get rid of the line driver and please read up and search on tuning your amplifier. Adding a line-driver between the headunit and amplifier will not give you a difference in bass in your situation. Getting better amplifiers / subs will.


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      Like Jahntassa said, line drivers are almost never needed in a typical car audio installation. With a CarPC it's much more common since the voltage coming out of a typical soundcard is far less than a head unit.

      However, in your case you shouldn't need a line driver.

      As for your question about tuning or setting the line driver...a line driver simply takes an input signal, and increase the voltage. That's it. There is no tuning, if there is a knob at all it only controls how much the signal is amplified.


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        as far as the line driver is concerned, it does make a difference but the signal boost also creates more distortion with the voltage increase, the reason ur not getting the difference in sound is because your input on ur amp usually has a max voltage rating and you are probley exceeding it. i have seen many people burn up the inputs on thier amps with that


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          Line drivers work wonderfully, if implemented correctly. I remember AudioConrol devices changing dramatically my stereo, only to have people tell me they introduce noise--until they were educated on how to install them.

          Turn down the gains all the way on your amps. Turn up the volume just before clipping--usually a couple notches below max. Turn up the driver gradually, until the max voltage light is illuminated. Slightly tweak accordingly. Done and done.

          Line drivers reduce noise by increasing the voltage to the amps--never a bad thing, unless gains on the amps are adjusted improperly high. Naturally, n00bs will do this in an effort to increase volume. Really, they are only increasing distortion.

          I will bet that your gains never have to be nudged above min, unless (like many MTX amps) min is essentially off.

          Happy listening!


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            Yeah what he said.

            I had an eclipse 8053 and used the 16 volt balanced module to my xtant 604x and it worked great. It is like anything proper setup is the key.

            Here is a link to a site that steps you through the proper way to set your amp gains.


            Sorry for posting a link to another forum but I felt this is a good article.