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  • HD Radio?

    Has anyone been able to find a reasonably priced HD unit other than the JVC KD-HDR1? I'm not a big fan of Sirius or XM radio yet, but would like to get HD for my carpc. My headunit was damaged and I need to replace it. I like having a headunit because I listen to AM radio. It's under $200 and serves the purpose of controlling volume and interfacing to my amplifiers and my carpc. The only other option I can find is an outboard HD radio unit from Alpine for $400, plus I still need to buy a head unit. Any ideas?
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    I haven't seen anything cheap. The only headunits i've seen that do HD radio I believe are Alpine, Panasonic, and Kenwood, and I believe all the HD recievers are around $300.

    Aah..nothing like paying a premium for the same crap as FM.


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      Check out Crutchfield or your local Alpine dealer. Crutchfield had the Alpine CDA-9856 for $180. You still have to buy the HD tuner, but they all seem to be like that for now...


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        I would look into the HQCT through the MP3Car store. It will be about $100 cheaper then the HD tuner and you will always have FM where ever FM is broadcast, the HD will only work with channels broad casting in hd and there is no guarantee on keeping your station. With HD radio I believe that the listening area isn't much greater then standard FM anyway, or thats what Ive been told.
        My advice is do some research.
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