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    As Hifonics are an American brand I was wondering if I could get some advice on some products please, or just the manufacturers quality in general.

    I'm English by the way lol

    I'm looking at a Sub and Amp package offered to me by someone.

    The sub is:


    The amp is:


    These both for 100 (approx $160-$170)

    Also comes with all required cables (power, earth, remote etc and a sub box)

    Just like to get general info on quality / sound etc and if this is a good deal in terms of price to quality


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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Sorry what does that mean?


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        Barf is never good.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          Oh.....why aren't they recommened then?


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            That's my point.
            Nobody 'round here will recommend HiFonics.

            They are low-budget hardware and are inexpensive for a reason.
            You get what you pay for...
            Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
            How about the Wiki?

            Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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              Hifonics Goliath is not crap, It's regarded as a fantastic amp in the SPL world. They're not bad amps. Just becaust maxxsonics is the parent company doesn't mean everything they make is junk.

              I personally have two hifonics amps and found no issue with them. They ran great even under high heat weather. They're heavy as hell. The RMS rating IS overrated but not by much. The internals of the amp are of good quality. They arent lightweight amps with no components.

              A bench test showed my Bxi1606D at 1490W RMS. Not bad when its rated for 1600W. Plenty of settings and good looks. On a budget they are great amps.

              My 1606D Does 1OHM all day pushing 1400wRMS on my subs all day. have had it running for 6 months no issues. i have pushed both my hifonics amps to insane levels and got no clipping from them. They run great off my carpc. No issues there. No amp turn on thumps, no popping, no clipping. Both amps delay turning on which is a great feature.

              I've yet to make a single amp go into protect mode.

              That being said I cant say anything about their low end model. Or they're speaker/subs as I havent heard them or read any info on them. The only thing I have heard about their subs is they're just OK. You can get better for your money elsewhere when talking speakers/subs.

              But the Brutus/Titan/Zeus amp lines are FAR from poor choices.

              Next time goto a real car audio forum for general info on an amp. This place is mostly for integration with a carPC.

              They're no Kicker/Alpine/JL, or even Rockford Fostgate. But they sure as hell are good amps. You wont get the same wattage out of a kicker for the same price.
              Car : 00' Chrysler 300M
              Speakers : Rainbow Audio SLC 265 | Subs : Diamond Audio D6 12" Subs X2
              Amp's : Hifonics ZXi 6006 AB | Hifonics BXi 1606 D
              CarPC: HP Laptop AMD Sempron 3000+ | 1.5GB RAM | DVD+RW | 80GB 5400RPM HD | ATI R200 Video


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                I currently own a Hifonics Brutus BX1500D and a Zeus 6400
                I would say they are ok for the money, but certainly not of high quality, and I personally no longer use them in my current install. I have since switched to ED amps and subs.
                My experiences have been as follows

                The brutus broke the first week I had it and had something that broke off in the inside and was rattling around, warranty replaced it and no problems afterwards. (No I didn't hook it up incorrectly, or drop it!)
                The Zeus has a bad channel in it that makes static randomly. It is certainly the amp because I had tested it with other RCA's and wiring and it was still there. Sound vanished when I switched to other 2 channels. More than likely a bad solder connection in the amp, but still sucks either way.

                Also on a hot summer day on a road trip the zeus shut off on me after about an hour drive, and once cooled for about 20 minutes seemed to work again. This happened on quite a few occasions, and I was only using 2 channels of the amp not bridged to a set of 3-way components!

                So personally I would spend my money elsewhere from now on. They are certainly not the worst amps, but the same money could buy you some better hardware.
                I personally have been happy with my ED (Elemental Designs) amps (nine.1, nine.2x) but to each his own, the 3-year warranty is kinda nice also!

                No idea on their speakers, so can't comment.... Hope that helps a little


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                  My opinion on Hifonics

                  I run Generation XX Hercules rated @ 2000 W RMS into 1 ohm. It pushes 2 JL 12W7's carrying a 1.5 ohm load. All I can say is its loooudd and clearrr. My windshield flexes 1-2" on a good note. You can not beat these amps for the money. I have a friend who is sponsored by them. He wins every dB drag he attends. It really doesn't matter what brand you get when you're shopping lower line models, but i say go for it!


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                    In general I've always heard good things about their amps, but never anything specifically good about their speakers. Mind you, I've never been told anything BAD about their speakers, just never heard them mentioned when you talk about good equipment.

                    I know a couple of guys who use their amps regularly for high end competitions, one of the guys being an IASCA judge. They both say that you can beat the quality but they're great for the price and still better than a lot of chain-store stuff. I've personally never used one, though.
                    ~ Joel


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                      Hifonics high-end amps are good quality amps. The Gen XX and XI is what you want to stick with, so your pick should work out well.