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Is my setup right?

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  • Is my setup right?

    Head Unit: BMW Factory Unit
    Amp: Sony Xplod XM-504Z
    Speakers: 6 Factory
    Sub: Sony Xplod XS-L122P5

    Problem 1: How / Where do I attatch the subwoofer? I was told by someone to bridge it with the back speaker connections.

    Problem 2: How do I connect my 3 pair of factory speakers (front, back & middle), or should I leave them disconnected?

    Problem 3: My wife bought me the amp, I have a feeling its the wrong type??

    If anyone has any help they can give me?? Thanks.

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    Anyone??? Please????


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      does your factory deck have an aux input?
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        A better way would be to sue AUX in if your headunit has it rather then using the Y adapters. IF you connect it the way you have shown, your audio signal is feeding "in" on the "outs" of the headunit and soundcard. That could damage one or both but it's hard to say. If you want to connect it without an AUX in on your HU, seriously consider an Audio/Video switcher.

        For your sub, you will need either another amp for more channels to drive the sub, or run your amp in "tri-mode" if its capable with passive crossovers. IF your amp can do "tri-mode" and you try it out, I think you will be disappointed in the output of the amp.

        Or...Run both your front rear speakers off two channels and run the sub off the other two channels. Just makes sure your speakers are the correct impedance to do this or you could damage the amp.

        This is alot to soak in, but I am sure with a little investigation on your part you can find the info you need.
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          ANother way would be to run the headunit into the line-in on your soundcard using a high level to low level convertor if your factory system is NOT amped and connect all your audio off the soundcard.

          If your factory system is amped you could connect the speaker wires coming off the headunit to the line-in directly with a hacked up RCA cable, then you woudl not need the high to low level convertor.
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            Read up on that