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Anyone tried this usb sound card?

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  • Anyone tried this usb sound card?

    Philips PSC805 Aurilium USB External 5.1 Sound Card

    It has a volume knob and everything, I am sure it could be hacked for those looking for a stand alone knob. It might actually sound pretty good also. Looks like they are about $50, which isn't too bad I don't think.

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    doesn't sound like it got great reviews:
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      it hasen't gotten great reviews. I bought one and tried it out and didnt like the way things sounded. Plus the voltage was low.
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        I'm running one right now for testing until my pci audigy comes in.
        Seems ok, maybe a little resource hungry. Seems to slow RR down in response time when adjusting volume. And I'm running a P4 2.2 ghz! On the other hand, if you want to "hack the knob" (hard to say that without giggling) the volume response is immediate when turning it.

        Sound? Well, seems ok. The control program is a little fiddly for touch screen use and it is difficult to get something that I would call "good" sound out of it but it can be made acceptable.

        Low voltage? Pretty much a symptom of all 3.5mm jack sound cards (remember, these weren't meant to drive sound systems, just computer speakers). On the plus side, not much noise so when I turn the gains up to compensate (yes, I know they're not volume adjustments), it's pretty clean but you're working the amps pretty hard. Line drivers are the way to go, I'll have to try one soon.

        But I'm just using it because I have it lying around right now (used it on my laptops). If you're on a tight budget, it may fit the bill.
        But me? Audigy 4 and KX drivers will be my next evolution.