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So whats the difference between a 15 inch EV speaker and 15 inch sub?

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  • So whats the difference between a 15 inch EV speaker and 15 inch sub?

    the frequencies i'm sure. I answered my own question.

    I have a 15 inch EV force speaker thats in a piano cab, 160watts rms, rated at 8 ohms, would it sound like crap put in a sub box and hooked up to me amp?

    looks pretty bomb proof...

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    hurtz range is supposed to be:

    45Hz to 6kHz


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      What are the t/s specs on it, or the model number?


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        well i actually have a knockoff EV, its in a Kaman keyboard amp, its most likely very close in specs...


        Nominal Basket Diameter 15"
        Impedance 8 ohms
        Power Rating (EIA RS-426A) 150 Watts
        Frequency Response 45Hz - 6kHz
        Sensitivity (1W/1m) 100dB SPL
        Voice Coil Diameter 2.5" / 63.5mm

        Overall Diameter 15.1" / 384 mm
        Bolt Circle Diameter 14.6" / 371 mm
        Baffle Cutout Diameter 13.9" / 353 mm
        No. Of Mounting Holes 8
        Overall Depth 6.4" / 163 mm
        Magnetic Assembly Weight 10.0lbs / 4.54kg.
        Net Weight 12.8 lbs. / 5.8 kg

        Basket Cast Aluminum
        Magnet Ferrite

        Resonant Frequency (fs) 40 Hz
        Impedance (Re) 5.2 ohms
        Total Q (Qts) .51
        Compliance Equivalent Vol. (Vas) 297.4 liters / 10.5 cu.ft.
        Voice Coil Overhang (Xmax) 3.3mm
        Surface Area of Cone (Sd) .08553 m2
        Efficiency No. % 3.3%
        Diaphragm Displacement Vol. (Vd) 855.3 cm2


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          any ideas?


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            phooooh..... the speakers isn't likely to handle much excursion, and since the lowest frequencies produce much excursion I don't think it is a good idea using this speaker as a sub. Other thing is efficiency..... 3.3% meh???? That is really low, never seen anything like it even. And one last thing: the FS is 40Hz,which is pretty high, considering you normally double the FS on your tuning-frequency. In this case that would be 80Hz..... At the x-over point the sound of the speaker will be easily located and that's something you don't want in a sub. Last issue: We let most subs play from 50Hz or less..... That's not gonna happen, so you're letting it handle a too wide frequency-range.

            Conclusion? you can not use this speaker as a sub.
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              thank you sir! question answered!