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    Hello and thanks for taking the time to read my post. First lemme introduce myself, I drive a Ford Contour (95) and have been reading on this site for awhile. Just now got my lazy *** to register.

    First of all, I am lookin more for what you call "beat down glass hear from two miles" bass. I would like to turn that down to moderate thumping during daily driving. I listen to alot of rap (bass) and country (mids and highs.)

    Currently I have a Panasonic HU (not sure of the model, but it is touchscreen)
    An older Pioneer powering the mids and highs inside the cabin. (not sure of model but only about 100watts.)
    Inside the fronts are 6" Pioneer 3ways. (Long story, traded them for some tires.) the backs are some 6x9's from "Bolt" -generic brand I'm assuming
    The subs are two 12" xplods powered by a xplod 250WT amp. Inside a "custom box."

    I currently bought and am waiting for the Eclipse av3424 from ebay. Now a carpc might be in the future but not right now. I was looking for some components maybe upfront and move the Pioneers to the back. I was also looking for a larger amp to push the cabin speakers. I would like some different 12's that do hit, but can be turned down and still sound good. And also an amp for that. With a budget around $600 for everything (not including cables and such)

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    Well if you're on a budget and you don't care a ton about sound quality, I suggest going with a cheap Kicker L7. Maybe a single 15'', that will run you about $200. Then get a decent mono amp that puts out 1000W RMS at either 1 or 2 Ohms. (1 Ohm if you get the 2 Ohm version of the sub, 2 Ohms if you get the 4.) Any decent amp will do, if you want to be able to turn the sub volume down independently of the rest of the system look for an amp with a remote level control knob that you can mount in your dash. Get some components in the front and just leave the 6x9s in the back since you don't really hear rear fill anyway, it's not worth spending money on. If you have enough money left over buy a new 4-channel amp for the components and 6x9s too.

    I don't have any really specific brands or models except for the Kicker L7. It'll give you a ton of bass, and it's really cheap, not the best sound quality, but it loves rap music.


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      Any more suggestions?


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        nope, I win the thread. Lol, just kidding...hopefully somebody else has some input


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          Well, there are two ways to do this. Since you are a bass head, it's not so much the sub but the box you need to focus on. Sure, any good name brand sub will do the trick, but you need to have the box designed for the sub you are using. Go for a ported box tuned around 30-35Hz for 12's or a ported box tuned at 35-40Hz for 10's.

          I could recommend brands all day long, but $600 will go real quick if you are trying to do the whole system. BTW you are not getting many responses here because this site is mostly about carputers. Not saying some of us don't do what you are doing, but threads like like this work better in dedicated car audio subforums where you might get quicker/more suggestions.

          good luck
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            Also, I am a DIY person so like to shop for raw speaker drivers. SOmetiems you can find speakers cheaper that way.

            Elemental Designs has some good stuff to from what I have heard.

   (Dayton makes good budget speakers)
   (Other raw speaker drivers used in high end home/car speakers)
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              hmmm.... how about two tcsounds db500's (on sale for $75/ea). i haven't heard the db500's but it seems like a hard sub to beat for the price.
              then a pair of these amps ($125/ea):
              and the rest on upfront components. (go listen to a few and get what you like)
              maybe something like this ($135):

              here is a link on a good deal on amps:
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                cheapest site ever... especially the lanzar amps
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                  about the enclosure.

                  The enclosure is where it's all at for what you're looking for.

                  As for the rest of it...just about anything will do for you. Just make sure you give the sub(s) enough RMS power...not max power.
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