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PC 5 feet from amp - extend USB cable or extend RCA cable

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  • PC 5 feet from amp - extend USB cable or extend RCA cable

    here's an interesting question...

    if my PC is about 5 feet from my amp should I get a 5 foot USB extension and put my USB soundcard or DAC next to the amp and run a short RCA cable or should I plig the soundcard/DAC right into the mobo and run a 5 foot RCA cable?

    my guess is to put the soundcard right next to the amp, but maybe not?

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    It depends on whether or not the soundcard creates more interference that the RCA cables would pick up over the 5 foot length.


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      usb is powered, rca is not

      i am thinking you are right...

      usb is powered so by extending the usb, you are powering all the way down to the sound card. shorter rca would be better as rca is not powered.

      just my first thought, i am sure i could be wrong.



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        not so much that the usb is powered, its that it dosn't even touch the signal till its at the sound card, the usb cable just sends 1's and 0's... 5 feet aint that big of a deal really, try out a longer usb cable, or try out a longer RCA and if you're not happy... then swit, they're both pretty cheap really

        Doubt you'll really notice a substantial difference

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