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  • Help me..innovatek crap

    I got one of these crappy innovatek in dash dvd... well i have a 2000 watt amp.. and its not working.. it has power but the signal is messed up somehow.. i have the innovatek 720ts 7" in dash with the seperate brain.. the dvd works fine and the car speakers work fine as well.. but the rca out to my amp arent doing anything.. on my amp..(power accoustik 1920) it reads with a red light.. in the manual it says it either the radio is to loud.. so turn it down.. or speaker wires have been crossed and i need to isolate them.. i know the amp is good... i have a factory stereo with a aftermarket amp output on there.. and it worked great.. but now the amp just gives me the red light.. what should i do to get the amp working again? will it work with the dvd player or do i need another piece?... my idea is to put a Peripheral PRC1 Signal Controller on there and hope for the best.. or am I wasting my money?

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    If you could when refering to any non-carpc related questions see here:
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      Such a gentleman about it

      On that same note, is there anyway we can tell google to cool it with having come up first car audio related searchs?

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        you could do an advanced search and select "dont return results from domain"

        google usually pops up results for a reason though.


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          Probably because the sub-forum is named car-audio.... I'd rename it if we want to keep car-audio specific questions out...
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