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    i am planning on replacing my car stereo with a computer. the problem is that after i do that i will need an amp to drive the car speakers. so what is the cheapest amp i can get to push a few watts through those speakers. i am thinking something small, and fairly low powered. possibly DIY.


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    how cheap?
    how much power?

    If you want to go the DIY route and know a bit about electronics:
    -you could hack apart an older radio and use the amplifer form those.
    -Or there is a 30W T-class amp hack somewhere in this forum.
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        I recommend getting an amp that's necessarily cheap, but one that is a good value.
        There's a big difference there.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          FWIW, WalMart has some super cheap amps. They probably aren't the best, but I had one (brand name had a V in it?). It was "decent".

          Edit: I think it was called V-Power?

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            System always under construction


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              i did not necessarily mean cheep i really just don't want to buy a $500 amp. i just need one to drive the speakers. as for the amount of power i just want enough to power the stock speakers. so no more than what you would get out of a $100 head unit from walmart.


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                i really dont need anything more than the amp that is in a $100 head unit.


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                  I have one of those too. Maybe I would sell it.
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