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No Center or Sub on H701

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  • No Center or Sub on H701

    I hope this doesn't run into problems with the other PXA-H701 thread, but I am trying to get some help with my setup. I have a Silverado pickup that I have a JL A6450 and a JL A4300 in along with a H701/RUX combo. No HU. When I hook up the computer to the H701 and then play audio, I can now get it to output audio to the Fronts and Rears, but no matter how many settings I play with on the RUX I cannot get any sub or center channel output. I have the 701 hooked into channels 3&4 on the 6450 then using a y-adapter I combined them into one for the 701. Also, did the same thing on channels 4&5 for the sub. HELP!!

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