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Amp is not working

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  • Amp is not working

    Ive had the same equipment in my car for a couple years now. Recently the power to the subs starting cutting in and out. Now the sound has cut out completely and will not return.

    I reconnected my remote wire to the head unit and at first that worked. However it only lasted a week. I took the current amp out and put my buddys amp in and the bass was bumpin just fine, so I KNOW FOR A FACT the amp is the problem.

    I am able to turn the amp on and off via the control on the head unit. However, the bass does not respond. When i turn the subs on and off by the control setting on the CD player, the subs are not powered. The power light on the amp turns on and off just fine and the fuses are all good. When i took the panel off the amp and exposed the circuit board nothing appeared to be burned up.

    I was told the capacitors could possibly be a problem but I was not able to test that.

    Regardless, the problem is beyond my capabilities to solve so I am open to any suggestions

    Please and Thanks