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All 5.1 Amps - please list here :)

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  • All 5.1 Amps - please list here :)

    There's a thread with 5.1 and optical only, but what are the known options for ALL analog or digital 5.1 amps?

    Inputs like analog RCA, analog minijack as well as HDMI, Optical Digital (TOSLINK) or RCA Digital, and of course, 5 discrete outputs, and either a similar powered 6th sub out or a line level output for the a sub amp.

    It, of course, also should be a surround processor (otherwise one just can get 6 mono amps...) that decodes all of the common discrete input streams like DTS, and Dolby Digital, and also THX and other extended formats (any 7.1 units out there?).

    Please no "myth" units or "I bought it on the streets of Tokyo", just legit and available units.

    Any details or comments on them welcome, but at least a manufacturer and model (Google is my friend).

    Also any "portable" (non-car audio) 5.1 amps, too!!