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Radio tech. Newbie needs a hand.

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  • Radio tech. Newbie needs a hand.

    Gday ladies and gents,

    I've been a long time reader of this forum and it's helped a ton in installing my first ever CarPC! This is one of my first posts here

    I'm now at the stage where I've basically got everything worked out except for the radio.

    Previously to the CarPC I just had a regular head unit with a pretty beefy aftermarket radio antenna that gave me better reception away from major cities (I do long trips through outback).

    I'm looking at putting in a radio card but don't know where to start. I would like DAB, and I would also like to integrate my existing antenna into the new radio card. However all I can find are cards that have SMA ports on the rear. My current antenna cable has the regular connection that would have otherwise slid straight into the existing head unit.

    Is it as simple as installing a SMA connection onto the end of my current antenna?
    Is there any considerations with bandwidth ranges, my current antenna and DAB?
    How easy is it to implement the interface into CF?
    So many questions ahhh!

    This is the card I have stumbled across but it seems very technical??

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hey welcome to the forum! The monkey board is a good product and it only needs to be technical if you want it to. If you just want radio then buy that, it comes with a dab antenna (it's kinda cheesy but it works). I would think your existing antenna is fm and not dab. There are a few options for using the radio. If you are using a front-end pick 1 with support for your radio Driveine/CF/Freeice. Another option is to use Mickz's standalone app, it provides the full experience with the monkeyboard. Hope this helps SNO


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      Thanks for the quick reply!!

      Yeah if I had to take a stab in the dark I would say it probably is FM only, (it's approx 4-5 years old). Is there a completely different set of frequency ranges for DAB vs FM/AM?

      Im currently using CF on windows 7, but I also have no problem using the standalone app if its not available.

      Thankyou very much!

      P.S. I have family in Kitchener, not too far from you, crazy!