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Multiple USB DAC's?

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  • Multiple USB DAC's?

    I saw the suggestion a while back on using multiple DAC's for processing. Is this a valid option, and has anyone tried it? My audio upgrades will be coming in stages, and this may be a valid route for me to take...

    Stage 1: 1 DAC to 2-channel amp (to passive X-over & components) daisy-chained to sub amp.

    Stage 2: 2 DAC's to 4-channel amp (for mids and tweets) once again sub chained off of lower channel.

    Stage 3: 3-4 DAC's for 3-way active (PC-processed) to 6 channels of amplification for the tweets, mids, and mid-basses, and another DAC (mono?) for the sub stage.

    Is this possible to internally wire and use Console or the like to tune with?
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    It should be possible if you use 'virtual audio cable' or something similar, so the dac's can be 'bundled' to one ASIO device. Haven't tested it yet though...Don't know what the processor power needed would be.

    List of front-ends/usefull apps
    XTroniC | XTroniC Direct


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      Yes it's possible to use multiple USB DACs/Soundcards - prety sure I saw instructions in the Audio FAQ area. PS hope you have plenty of free USB ports.