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  • tuneabilty options

    Ok i am gonna build a carpc or a scion xb, the biggest reason for this is the lack of good dd raidos, yes there are plenty of nice ones but none are made for real good sound quality. i have 2 thoughts, i want the g4 unit, but should i get a good sound card and run the programs to tune it all? or i am thinkg of using the Rockford Fosgate 3SIXTY.2. it is a very nice looking unit. sepert eqs for each channle and many other options. i am just not to sure if you have to use the knob it comes with for volume, if so i really dont like that. has any one here used it? but how much are the programes that have the same fetures as this unit?

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    im thinking never mind, it seems the 3sixty is a really good unit from my searching. i am prolly gonna go that route