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    Ive been looking at going with a active front stage. For those who dont know, its where you do not use passive crossovers for your front component speakers. Speakers are seperated into lows, mids, and highs. And not Front, rear, and sub. In otherwords, each speaker in your front stage has its own line. This allows you to fine tune sound from each speaker to a specific position in the car, which is necessary in my situation as I own a convertable but still want the best sound possible even with the top down.

    So my question is; If I go with a car PC solution is anybody aware of any software or sound cards that allow you to seperate channels like that instead of front, rear, etc? There are certain head units with 3 way electronic crossovers that do stuff like this but I would rather go with a car PC and avoid the proprietary hardware. Not to mention its easier to stash a PC somewhere other than the dash where its easily stolen. I would rather have them just rip my screen out and have replace that, than replace the entire system.

    The only other thing I can think of is to just use a external standalone 3 way crossover network. But I have yet to see one that does something like Auto-EQ where it will automatically tune it to the position of a microphone.

    BTW: I did see the "Filter / Crossover differences - Not all crossovers are equal" but there was nothing in there implying that there any sources capable of doing this without an external crossover.

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    Originally posted by pcpete View Post
    Intersting Thanks you for that link... Ive been searching on "three way crossover" and stuff but havent been very successful in finding anything. That card and Frequency Allocator looks like it will do EXACTLY what I want to do and then some! lol


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      maybe you can check out Harbal Auto EQ.

      saw it on this site:
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