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kxproject question for SB audigy 2 ZS

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  • kxproject question for SB audigy 2 ZS

    I'm looking into my sound card for my first carpc build and was going to go for a usb soundcard from SB, but then read that the 2 ZS NB does work with kxproject which fits a ton of the wants I have for software. EDIT: I originally forgot to specify that I'm doing my first build with a laptop with an open card slot to stick a 2 ZS NB in, so I'm not looking at the regular 2 ZS.

    Anyways the real question is about what does it mean that it is only "partially supported" for kx? I'm not interested in all the features of kx so it matters what is supported. If what I want doesn't work, then I might go away from the 2 ZS NB. Thanks

    EDIT: So I've been doing some digging through the actual kx forum and found a post on the latest version by the lead programmer/developer.
    "the new build will have enhanced a2zsnb support (optical outputs and inputs)
    due to lack of information, analog input is not yet supported"
    "I have a2zsnb by hand, it seems to work fine for me (all analog outputs, optical-out, optical-in; no analog in). "

    So that seems to say that for the carpc purpose that it should be fully functional. I would still like to get confirmation from someone that has actually done this.
    Computer is in the car, but in a very "raw" install right now.

    Worklog - here