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General question regarding line level output

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  • General question regarding line level output

    Although I'm not building a traditional car pc, I'm building something close, but I think it is okay to post here as it relates to the topic I believe.

    I understand that a line level output from the head unit is required to drive the amplifier(s). What exactly does "line level" mean? If building a car pc and wanting to provide high quality output, what issues are considered about the output mechanism in order to produce just as good output as an aftermarket unit? Don't pc sound cards just put out "headphone" type output? Mean, they don't need to be amplified? Or do they offer "pre-amp" "line-level" as well?

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    Typical computer sound cards have a pretty low voltage line level output. A higher line level output allows you to put less gain on your amps which can result in better sound quality in terms of noise or clipping.