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  • Center channel/5.1 help

    I need some help picking a center channel speaker and seting up my 5.1 please.

    I haven't been able to find any info on what people are using for their center channel. I know there are single DIN center channel speakers out there but those won't work in the space (or lack of) that I have available. I am wanting to put a single, maybe 5.25" speaker in the middle of the top of my dash. But where can I get just one speaker?

    Also, I am running an Alpine PXA-H700 processor and the center channel will be powered by a channel off my Alpine 4 channel amp which I believe is 40w RMS. The alpine only has one RCA out for the center channel since it is mono, this is also true for the sub. Do I need to have a Y adapter for this or do I just use one channel of the RCA cable and only one channel on the amp?

    I think that's all for now. Thanks for any and all help!

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    It would look really ugly if you just stuck a speaker on top of the dash. Depending on your skill, maybe cut out a hole in the dash to mount a speaker flush, then put a cloth grill over it?


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      hehehe, sorry, I guess I wasn't very specific about that. I am building a completely custom dash and the speaker most definitly won't be just sitting there.


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        I would check E-bay for a half set component speaker as just a driver will not get you the sound you want. I would probably be interested in selling a scanspeak 6" driver and a Focal Titanium 1.25 tweeter...
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          What would you be interested in selling it for and what kind of wattage can it handle? And do you have a crossover for them?

          I still need to know how to wire it up though. Would I just use one channel of an RCA cable into one channel of the amp or will I need some Y adapters?