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Audio Tuning with different profiles for different vehicles

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  • Audio Tuning with different profiles for different vehicles

    Hey everyone,

    I'm in the process of installing some amps and speakers in my car. I had originally purchased the Alpine H701 to tune my audio. I have the M-Audio transit USB soundcard to send the signal via fiber optic to the H701.

    Now I'm thinking of something else. I'm trying to plan this carpc so that I can easily remove it from one vehicle and put it in my fun-vehicle. This way I dont have to have two carpcs and always trying to keep them synced up...I can just have one. However, I will not have an Alpine H701 in both cars, only my daily driver. So I'm thinking of scratching that H701/M-Audio Transit idea and just using a really good sound card and PC tuning. However, obviously each car will have its own specific tuning requirements, so do any of the software tuning options offer different "Profiles" that I could use for each car? Or if I used a different windows profile/user would that allow me to have different settings on these software tuning options.

    Thanks a lot!

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    IF you do it right and go the VST route, the VST host program allows unlimited "saved" setups since they are just files. You would have to re-point the startup shortcut to the setup file saved when switching between vehicles.
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      Excellent...thanks a lot!