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Volume control for ASIO / VST setups?

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  • Volume control for ASIO / VST setups?


    I'm trying to build an active 6 channel setup. A Genesis Five Channel amplifier drives two tweeters, two mid-low speakers and one subwoofer. The audio interface is a 6 channel emagic a26 run in the ASIO mode. I'm running console, ASIO4ALL and Virtual Audio Cable (VAC).

    I want to be able to use any music player, at present iTunes, maybe later foobar2000 and the navigation software, at present iGo PC.

    This setup (see screenshot) works so far in my home setup. The only thing missing for a first attempt in the car is volume control.

    I'm drooling for a DACT 6 channel passive attenuator.
    But it costs hundreds of dollars.

    But until I can afford that, how can I control the volume in a VST / ASIO setup? I have searched for an hour or so but haven't found a VST volume control plugin.

    Anyone know of a solution?

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    Ah, just found out something. In virtual Audio Cable, the checkbox "Volume control" can be enabled. Then, I select "Virtual Cable 1" in the Volumouse Options. Then I can control the volume with the mouse wheel or a dedicated controller acting as a mouse wheel.

    Still the need for a VST Volume Control remains once I wanna go the bit-perfect and/or kernel streaming route, bypassing the kmixer, using foobar2000.


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      I researched about this and the solution is not so desirable. You can use a mixer plugin plus a midi controller and assign a knob to the volume controls in the plugin. But where do you install the midi controller?

      Other option is try to locate an Audiocontrol Master Volume Control (MVC). No longer made so finding it is hard. I had one years ago and sold it. I'm fine with windows controlling the volume.
      System always under construction