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Alpine/Mercedes issues???

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  • Alpine/Mercedes issues???

    I had and entire Alpine audio system installed in my 2005 Mercedes C class in April. The system consisted of IVA-W505/P1 head unit with nav, PXA-H701 5.1 processor, KCA-SC100 sirius interface, KCE-400BT Bluetooth interface, PDX series amps and SPX series speakers. From day one the system had problems: volume would be low at start-up and then 2 to 5 minutes later volume would come up to normal level, audio would also completely drop out for minutes at a time, when the volume drop occured there was always a crackling/poping sound that came from all of the speakers. There was also a problem with the Bluetooth phone interface (echo problems).
    I bought the vehicle back to the installers, who by the way are Alpine authorized installers, 5 separate times for repair. Over the course of these 5 visits every component in the system with exception of the speakers was swapped out (replaced with new) at least 3 times. At present the system still has all of the same issues and I am having the entire system removed from my vehicle.
    I would just like to know if anyone has had this kind of issue with Alpine or any other aftermarket audio equipment installed in a Mercedes. I am considering giving Kenwood a try but if there is some kind of compatability issue with my particular vehicle I may have to leave the factory system in place instead.
    Thanks for any help!

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    you might have better luck on a car audio specific website-- i have nver heard of any of the problems your describing

    Originally posted by the-sticky-that-no-one pays-attention-to
    Have Car Audio Specific Questions?


    This forum is dedicated to CarPCs and installing them in your car.

    The car audio forum is dedicated to integrating your car audio system with your CarPC.

    For specific questions related to car audio equipment systems that do not include CarPCs, I would recomend checking out car audio specific forums:
    et. al.

    There is a chance that someone on here might have an answer for you, I would just hate for you to wait around for it when I know you could get an answer much quicker on a dedicated forum.

    Good luck
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