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VAC, Audiomulch, and ASIO4ALL...

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  • VAC, Audiomulch, and ASIO4ALL...

    Hello everyone. I've been searching and searching all over the place for info that i can't seem to find. I've read numerous times that people are using source > vac > am > asio4all.

    I'm not understanding how this is working. I can get sound if i use vac. Set it as my default audio device. then in AM use directsound. set vac as input and my speakers as output. however this over time will start to sound like junk, ticking and things of the sort. i want to use asio4all. i've used asio4all before in the with other audio programs. mainly daw's for recording.

    If I tell am to use asio as the driver. it properly selects asio4all. i can see the sound in and sound out meters going. but i get no sound at all.

    Can someone please help. thank you.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I just figured it out. I had to instead of use SoundIn switch to Aux1 in. now I have sound.

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    go to offline settings on asio4all

    -turn on vac input and turn off vac output

    -turn on output and turn off input
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