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  • seattle area car audio PC

    so im still puzzled about this whole integration with your car stereo.

    i know the easy ways to connect it through aux or connect the line out to your amp or preamp.

    but im a firm beliver that less processing equals cleaner sound. because each component introduces its own distortion and noise...

    i do not want to go into this argument again because its been discussed before many times...

    the whole reason for going with car pc is to get a better cleaner signal to my amp

    so AUX is out of question.

    i was planning to get a USB DAC but tey do not have any playlist controls or even volume control is hard to find on them.

    having it in the car with only touch screen controls is pretty stupid for a daily driver.( for a show car it would be different story)

    so im thinking of getting this combination
    USB dac or optical dac that sends signal to my amp (if i can find one of good quality with volume control for no more than 200 it would be cool)
    have one of the jog dial knobs available to control the playlist
    and touch screen buit in dash to do the rest when im not driving.

    will windows media edition( xp or windows7) interface be sufficient for that task or do i have to get the software that is sold here on mp3 car(frontend? i forgot)

    and lastly:

    is there anyone in seattle area that has the car PC setup that i can see in real life. to see how it operates in person.

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    there are plenty of free front ends available-- you do not need to purchase one.. i have played with media center edition a little, and i think the buttons are too small for a car environment. so i would be inclined to say that you need a front end.

    i believe mp3car is based in/near seattle, and they have the AFK fest--that would be a great place to go over setups-- i believe paulF usually attends, and has done plenty of work in custom carpc audio to show you how it's done, though i believe they just had AFK fest, so you'd need to wait for next year... try looking in the 'meets' section-- there might be a meet near you that you could go over some setups..
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