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Sound card for 4 way active system (HT Omega Claro Halo XT?)

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  • Sound card for 4 way active system (HT Omega Claro Halo XT?)

    I'm looking for a sound card that can handle 4 way active processing. I assume anyone in this subforum knows what that means, but I'm looking for time alignment, independent EQing, phase adjustment, and most importantly robust crossover functionality. I've been looking at the HT Omega lines, specifically the Claro Halo XT because it's already got 8 RCA outputs. What I don't have a full grasp on is the ability to map the RCA channels to software like audiomulch (or something similar if anyone has any recommendations). Is this where ASIO comes in? Are the HT Omega cards ASIO compatible? i.e. will the HT Omega allow me to map outputs to physical channels? Can it handle processed channel outputs or is it only designed to send out stereo full range signals to be processed down the line by a home receiver? I'm all for saving money, but not at the expense of the sound quality. I intend for this to be a competition level system (the whole point of the carputer).

    I need unbalanced RCA outputs to work with my amplifiers. I could use 3.5 mm with an adapter, but that wouldn't be very clean looking and everything will be on display under plexiglass. The HT Omega cards look pretty.

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    that's a nice looking soundcard, it should allow you to use an application like Console or Audiomulch to route audio to the different outputs. the output voltage may not be high enough for you to get a good signal to your amps without maxing out the gains.


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      Then you gotta use a line driver to increase line voltage.
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