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Need some advice using lenovo s10 laptop as carpc and getting good sount quality

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  • Need some advice using lenovo s10 laptop as carpc and getting good sount quality

    I have lenovo s10 with ssd hdd that i can use for car pc, its atom based, and not good sound card in it. I have few questions, after reading alot forums and alot threads ... i still cant decide what to do. Not sure if the s10 sound card can output digital sound, so i am looking for some usb to optical or to spdif device ... for processing i think to use audison bit ten or bit ten d(the only difference is bit ten d have optical input) and some 2 or 4 channel amp? I will not use the system for videos, only audio. Whats best for sound, do i need Sound processor at all? What will the bit ten help for the sound quality and can it be changed with something better for the price? i dont think i am going to use Sub ... i just dont like the idea to have bass box in the trunk. The car is small, so all i want is 4 speakers in the factory places, maybe component systems?
    The questions are, what is bettrer to have, 2 channel amp or 4 channel amp for good sq sound? If using 2 channel for example, how do i setup the 4 speakers, 2 front on 1 line, and 2 rear on second? If 4 channel is better, then there is no question how to wire the speakers to the channels
    Then another question, if going to have 2 channel amp, do i need sound processor, or its better to spent my money elsewhere?
    Money are not an issue, i just want to spent less as possible, but this is not because i dont have them, i just want good quality sound, but i am not going to compete wit my sistem ... just want to like the sound inside. Please help ne not to throw my money on things i dont need, and not to buy wat i will really need

    I read alot about the Audison Bit Ten and i dont mind to buy it if it will help my sound quality, but if it only converts te signal from 2 channel to 5.1 ... i just dont need it ... also the output from my pc is an issue ... what is best to do? USB sound card, USB to SPDIF, USB DAC ... i know it should be something on usb ... because my sound card sould have digital output ... but i only see headphones out and mic in ..

    Also about pre amp, do i need some pre amp or it depends on the amp i am going to buy? I am thinking about some audison amp if i buy the bit ten ...

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    There are many ways you can go, you asked a lot of questions but it sound to me like it boils down to

    " I want a decent 4 speaker system by spending is whatever is required to make that happen without burning money needlessly".

    If that sums it up, I suggest start with a decent USB sound card that has optical out. I bought one of these off the classifieds in my area for $50, used once for a wedding

    Then, if you are positive you will never add a sub to the car, buy a decent 4 channel amp. If a sub might be in the plans later, buy a 5 channel.

    Hook up what you have bought, tune it and listen. If you are happy....Done.

    If not, next replace the front speakers with a decent set of coaxials or components, it's best to listen to them in a sound board at a store before you buy them, they all sound different and "good sounding" speakers is subjective.

    Install what you have bought, tune it and listen. If you are happy...Done.

    If not, then you may want to consider a sub and or processor depending on what you deem is "wrong" with the sound. But by getting a sound card with optical out and a 5 channel amp, you will not have to rip anything back out and replace, just keep adding until you are happy.
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      Best reasonably priced DACS are HiFimediy Sabre DAC and Behringer UCA-202. Both have digital optical and analog voltage output. You do not need sound processing like the Bit One and similar products have unless you are upgrading your speakers and are worried about time alignment between woofers, tweeters, and subs. If you are keeping factory speakers or mildly upgrading factory speakers with coaxials, there is no need for fancy sound processing. You will need a preamp to amplify the DAC signal and spit it into front and rear signals. Audio Control makes a couple of very good analog preamps with faders in 1/2 DIN size - the Three.1 and Four.1 are the model names.