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  • Welcome!

    Welcome to the General Discussoin forum! Please feel free to comment on the market, competitors, new products, life in general, etc! Share your thoughts with other users.

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    Well done Mike, I am here finally!

    You know what? I can really see the potential of your venture here, in particular your latest PSU offering.

    2 things I'd say:

    1/ the CNX-P1260 DC-DC Power Supply sounds pretty promising indeed! Looks like it will shake up the current monopoly situation (almost :? ) in carpc psu industry big time. Just have to learn abit more about it, and hopefully Mike, you can come up with more added features and better specs etcs...

    2/ This fourm would probably be the next best place (if not the same as for all of us to spend time and share our ideas I can foresee. 8) I am sure this will grow gradually as a community to be in.

    Keep the ball rollin :wink:



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      Welcome. Sorry for the registration problems. I believe they're are all fixed now. Let me know if you see anything wrong. It's a new forum and I'm still learning.

      In response to your comments:

      1) The CNX-P1260 is really targeted at a slightly different market than the Others (pun intended). We are going after the guys/girls who have the smaller systems, like the C134, that come with an internal ATX PSU that needs a WELL REGULATED +12V input. So we are +12V in and +12V out. In the case of the C134, there is no need to remove (and waste) your existing PSU that you already paid for! The CNX-P1260 also does not require a large ATX power cable to be kludged into the C134 case. Also, systems with PW60,70,80 that want to survive crank and add a shutdown controller can use the CNX-P1260 in front of their system.

      So, even though we are not a full ATX supply, we provide many of the same features of the leading guy.

      In terms of added features and better specs.....I'm all ears. Please let us know what you'd like to see. My current thinking is higher power (120Watts?), but I'm open to all suggestions.

      2) I have been a long time contributor at the forum. Unfortunatley, I'm forbidden to promote my product there. I hope to add many of my contributions to this site (currently under Additional Information) so that things don't get too filtered over at Unfortunate situation.... But I would love to see this site grow and prosper thru your contributions, thoughts, suggestions, questions, etc. The more the merrier!!

      Thanks for being an active contributor.


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        I totally agree on your philosphy in designing a new PSU.

        I am not a hardware designer, so I cant offer any technical input. But as a user (or user-will-be), I would not think massive power is necessary for carpc, thanks to the mini itx form factor.

        I guess if people realise they can put together tiny/neat carpc with less cost (and less wasted $$), they will soon abandon their powerful systems??

        Although 60W sounds marginal to me if I add afew extra usb devices to the system, and maybe 1 pci card. But the fact that the built-in psu most itx cases got now are only 55-60w rated, it could well be the right formula right?

        When you said to increase it to 120w, first you have to make sure there are currently 120w rated builtin psus on the market, otherwise what is the point? Having said that, everyone loves to get more out of their psus, and more...

        Realsitically Mike, you have what it takes to make a mark in the industry I believe, just as you said, you have got to have ears to make products not only practical, but popular!

        Thanks for the efforts, Mike.


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          Just forgot to mention this. You said you were forbidden to promote your product at, but hey, I am not I guess!

          I am sure I will be taking it for discussions over there where suited when the chances come. fingers crossed~ :wink:


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            I think he's got his "word censor" turned on. I've noticed several of my posts mysteriously dissappear.... Give it a try. Just don't get us all permanently banned. I do still enjoy participating.... on a non-commercial basis.


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              Originally posted by mikeh
              I think he's got his "word censor" turned on. I've noticed several of my posts mysteriously dissappear.... Give it a try. Just don't get us all permanenetly banned. I do still enjoy participating.... on a non-commercial basis.
              Last night, I was actually trying to search for "Carnetix" and "CNX-P1260" there, but just a few threads by Confused and someone else popped up. I knew it was strange straight away u know.

              I noticed that this forum has been viewed quite alot according to the stats, but still no ones putting anything down??


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                We're really just getting started. We just began shipping the first products about 1 week ago. It takes time to build traffic. Plus, not having exposure at the other forum has slowed down the exposure. We're working on a couple of reviews at other sites that should help draw some traffic.

                In the mean time...... talk us up!