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Xenarc monitor off during shutdown?

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  • Xenarc monitor off during shutdown?

    Is it possible to have my Xenarc monitor off during the shutdown time? I don't see the need for it during the 30 seconds it's waiting for the pc to turn off.
    When I walk away from my car at night, i think it's a little bit of an advertisement having the screen glowing in my interior.


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    The only way to shut it down seperately from the rest of the CarPC is to put it on an external realy and run the relay from your ignition switch. Otherwise, if it is connected to the same +12V output as your CarPC, it will continue to get power as long as your CarPC does.

    You could also manually shut it down as you leave your car if you are concerned about the "advertisement". I know this is a hassle, but perhaps not as much as adding the relay.


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      K. Thanks for the info. I'll try to build it into the auxillary activation accessory.
      I think i'll use the 1260 to power everything, but keep the logic in my add on so I can customize it any way I like.

      Again, great product. Still ticking.