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New to forum, question about ibook

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  • New to forum, question about ibook

    Great forum!

    I am putting in a mac in my car, and want to use an extra dual usb G3 ibook that I have laying around to power my itunes and such. Question is, will this PSU work with my iBook? If not, what PSU would (providing it has the bells a whisles that this PSU has)


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    Hmmm... take a look at your AC adapter for the ibook. See if it gives you the output voltage and current ratings. If it is near +19V the P1900 may work. Unfortunately I have no way to verify this. Perhaps others have some experience here. Anyone?

    Also, with a laptop you will need to get access to the power switch somehow if the want to use the startup/shutdown controller in the P1900. This probably means disassembling the ibook and soldering wires on either side of the power switch. Again, I have no direct experience with this but have seen others commenting on PC laptops in the MP3Car forums. You may want to pose this question there also.

    The third area of concern would be what I call "iSense". On the Mac mini there is a third wire in the power cable that tells the Mac that there is an Apple power adapter connected. We've figured out a way around this on the Mac mini, but I would not be surprised if there is not something like this on the ibook.

    I hope this helps!