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Tapping the IGN line from the battery...?

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  • Tapping the IGN line from the battery...?

    Hi, I'm having a problem with my Carnetix P1900. Eerytime i flick my valet switch the mini blade fuse inside the P1900 blows.

    I'm taking the IGN line from the back of my head-unit and I'm sure this is causing the problem. I have a Citroen (damn french cars) with a "Multi-plex" wiring system which I think is controlled by the car's ECU. I've not yet got the carnetix to work with tapping into the wiring behind the head-unit and have since completely blown my P1900. That was my own fault, I ran out of 15a mini-blade fuses for the P1900 so I popped 20a fuse in.... next thing I know I have a small electrical fire in the boot of my car!! I won't be doing that again!!

    Anyways, I was wondering if I could splice the IGN wire into the 8 guage power cable that I've run from my battery and control it entirely from my valet switch? At least then It's all detatched from the ECU controlled wiring system in the car.

    I've attached a somewhat crude diagram to illustrate what I mean.

    Thanks in advance...

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    Yes. This should work fine.


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      Including an LCD

      Thanks for your response Mikeh, I'll wire it up this way once I get my new P1900.
      One more question... Is it safe to splice the acc line of my in-dash lcd screen after my switch, as per diagram?
      Cheers for your help,


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        I can't really help you with your screen. However, if it normally works with the ignition it should work as you have drawn it.