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PSU wont start up;beenswappedout once but stilldoes not work

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  • PSU wont start up;beenswappedout once but stilldoes not work

    I have bought a CNX-P2140 to provide 12V & 5V stable power for the screen, USB hubs etc.. in the front of my car, as the PC sits in the boot. I have read the manual several times & I cant get the thing to boot up at all. It just has a red flasing light all the time, the fan does not start & there is no power on the output connectors at all. I have cheked with the supplier, Linitx in the UK, that it is wired up right & has been back to them to be swapped out; it was doing the same thing on both units. I have the unit set up for 12V on the primary & 5v on the secondary output. There is nopulse start & it is in PC mode.

    Is the unit broken? I have nothing connected on the output side, such as a iSense/ACPI lead coming on, as I am not connecting this unit up to a PC/Mac; it's just to give me power up front.

    Can anyone help before I send it back & get it swapped for a M2ATX. Thanks

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    I have installed PSUmoni 2140 v1.4 & installed fimware version v1.44, and the thing is now sort of working... I cant believe you have to flash a brand new product before it starts working, especially for what I had to pay in the UK to buy one.....

    I now get 12V out on the primary output (pin1 & pin2) but I am also getting 12v on Primary output 2 (pin 5 & 6) whenI was expecting 5V. I do get 5V when I connect upthe brown cable to one of the earths (pin 2 or 6). The manual is confusing when about how to connect up the two outputs.

    At least it seems to be working OK now so I will install it in the car & see what happens.


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      Please use v1.8.3 for the P2140 and PSUMoni as they are the latest versions.

      The red wires on the output side of the P2140 are both primary and the brown wire is the secondary output (you should get 5V on this one). The two blacks are grounds and use them as negatives for the primary and secondary output; one each.
      CarNetix Staff


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        Thanks for you reply. I will upgrade the PSUnami software & driver, following the instructions in the guide. Dave


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          How do you know which version do you have?
          If I look in PSUmoni
          I see something that:
          Firmware: 1.8.3.
          Bootloader: 1.0

          What mean this bootloader?


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            The bootloader just performs some very basic functions, like loading the firmware.
            CarNetix Staff


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              I have done the upgrade & it's all working fine; I like the new software as the numbers are a lot easier to read. I will be installing it in the car today.


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                Bookmarking for future reference