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Erratic P2140 Shutdown (MacMini)

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  • Erratic P2140 Shutdown (MacMini)

    I have been using the P2140 for over a year now. I have observed the way the PSU behaves. Since I live in a hot country, I wonder if the device can really work when the ambient temperature hovers around 40 degrees C.

    What happens is that the power to the LCD goes off seems that the macmini is in kind of SLEEP mode coz if I touch the screen ONE MORE TIME, the MACMini comes alive and within a few seconds shuts down completely....

    If I turn on the air conditioning, I notice that the P2140 works fine. Or is it something else? Is there a way to tell the PSU to cool down? If there could be a way to trigger the fan at certain temperature. A way to manually adjust the trigger temperature.....

    Please help...

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    You'll have to monitor it with PSUMoni. If the temp sensor goes all the way up to the top then it's probably a thermal event.
    CarNetix Staff