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Pulse signal turns secondary rail off?

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  • Pulse signal turns secondary rail off?

    Hello, first post here.

    I wired the pulse signal of my p2140 to one of the rear turning signals of my car (since they blink everytime I use the alarm). Primary rail works as expected: I unlock the car, turning signal blinks, p2140 turns on primary rail, then I turn on the car and ignition override takes over, I use my turning signal for normal driving and primary rail stays on, as expected, until I switch the ignition off.

    The problem lies with the secondary rail: I have a usb hub attached to it, running at 5V. When I'm driving, everytime I use the turning light (i.e. when making a left turn or turning on the parking signals) the p2140 shuts down the secondary rail power for a moment, each time the signal blinks. So, all devices attahced to the usb hub get their power switched on and off as the signal blinks.

    Is this normal for the p2140? Is there a way to change this behavior? I played around with PSUmoni for a while but was not able to change it. Is there a way to do it through the SDK?? (I haven't tried the SDK yet, but I will if it helps solve this issue).


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    Hi Rafael:

    Thanks for stopping by. Try the updated firmware v1.8.4. Mike fixed it and it should solve your problem.

    Let us know if it doesn't
    CarNetix Staff


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      It works!

      Hello guys, I just installed the new firmware and problem was solved. Thanks a lot!! Love this works exactly as promised.