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12 + 5V turn of P2140

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  • 12 + 5V turn of P2140

    First THX for such cool Power Suppley

    But i have 1 porblem.
    I use Windows XP with an external USB Hub on an Aopen Mini
    I use a 5V CNX-P5V for the Hub.

    When i turn off my Car the PC goes to hibernate.

    Now my problem is that the ignition turn of the 12V and the 5V before the Windows goes in the hibernate.
    So XP hase problems to come back from hibernate.
    I but a few devices directly to the Aopen and it works very good.

    So my question, is there an option to but a time to switch off 12V and 5V? (same as Primary)

    12V is fine when it's on a little longer, so i can see what windows dose.
    Will hibernate work or not.

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    You could try setting the secondary to shut off with SDLO instead of ignition. TO do that go into PSUMoni, click on the Settings button and in the bottom left box you have options for Secondary ON/OFF controll. You want to set the Off control to SDLO.

    Let me know how it goes.
    CarNetix Staff


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      THX Goce

      That works perfektly sorry for such a silly question.
      Next Time i will look accurate the manual.


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        No Problem, glad it worked out. There actually isn't a "manual" for PSUMoni so it's not easy to find.

        Which reminds me I should probably do some kind of a video/manual on it.
        CarNetix Staff