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what handheld devices are compatible

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  • what handheld devices are compatible

    Hi everyone.

    I have the usb connection OBD reader and use this with my brothers laptop.

    However is there a hand held device I can use instead with software available for PC's and what devices are available?

    ie PSP, PALM, IPAQ etc?

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    It helps if you tell what kind of OBD reader you have.

    But chances are you will not be able to use it on any PDA.

    Serial OBD2 interface is a better choice when you need to use it with PDA.

    If you need USB, just buy a USB to Serial Converter.

    Most USB OBD2 Interfaces use a converter chip anyway and you do not have any speed advantage over serial.



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      I have the top one on this page:

      I am just sick of dragging round a laptop and wanted to know if any handheld devices work well, what do other people use etc?

      many thanks,


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        No, it won't work with any pda.

        get an Elm based serial or bluetooth interface if you want to use a PDA.

        PDA serial hotsync cables can be hard to come by for some PDAs. So if your PDA supports bluetooth, it's better to invest in a Bluetooth interface. The bluetooth interface will connect to a PC just fine as well.


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          Mok is correct the USB interface will not work with any PDA's, since the PDA behaves as a client USB device and expects to be connected to a host.

          We make a serial interface that works with PDA's and Pocket PC's, you can find it at