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BMW scanner 1.35 intermittent issues

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  • BMW scanner 1.35 intermittent issues

    Hi there,

    I have layed my hands on a PA Soft scanner 1.35 and software for BMWs. I cant get it working though, it connects to the serial port on the laptop and via the scanner inot the OBDII port under the steering wheel. After messing with port settings and lowering it to 600 it worked briefly and read some data from the car and then failed to respond. After more tweeking it worked again, then stopped. The error im getting says the "cant communicate with unit" Has anyone got experience of these things and can offer some tips on getting it working properly. It isnt the laptop as ive tried it on another with the same results. have tried it with different versions of BMW scanner and a few other pieces of diag software that came with it. Im thinking maybe a dodgy cable. Is there any softare out here that could test the interface and rule out the cable? Taking a multi meter to the OBD cable im getting 3 connections,is that +, ground, and K line? Shoud there be more? What about L Line? The car is a 2001 E46 coupe with the ODB port under the wheel, i dont have the round port in the engine bay.



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    I tried this again tonight abd notice the K line light flashes briefly before the sotware says 'cant communicate with untit' I opened Hyperterminal and couldnt get anythig to respond. Does anyone have any ideas as to what i could try?