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  • ProScan excel spreadsheet data reformat

    Hey all,

    If anyone has the ProScan OBDII software (let's leave the can of worms over in Proscan / Gore Research MIA again) and doesn't like the csv format for the live sensor grid logs (I didn't), I've got a solution for you.

    The logs come out like:

    03-29-2007 05:25:03.250, Engine Coolant Temperature, 203, deg F, 95, deg C
    03-29-2007 05:25:03.500, Vehicle Speed Sensor, 78.125, mph, 125, km/h
    03-29-2007 05:25:03.734, Intake Air Temperature, 89.6, deg F, 32, deg C
    03-29-2007 05:25:03.968, Air Flow Rate from Mass Air Flow Sensor, 5.46176062082497, lb/min, 41.29, g/s
    but this doesn't lend itself easily to making charts. I found the following to work well:

    1. Replace all "Sensor, Bank" with "Sensor; Bank" (this helps with the O2 sensors' csv-to-xls issues)
    2. Open csv in Excel and save as xls
    3. Insert worksheet (I named mine "Ordered Data" and renamed original "Raw Data")
    4. Insert worksheet ("Charts")
    5. In Ordered Data put:
    a. ='Raw Data'!B1 in A1, ='Raw Data'!B2 in A2, etc.
    b. =OFFSET('Raw Data'!$A$1,(ROW()-2)*10,2) in B2 and pull the corner down as far as needed
    c. =OFFSET('Raw Data'!$A$2,(ROW()-2)*10,2) in C2 and pull the corner down as far as needed
    d. etc.

    Note: In the OFFSET formula the 10 is the number of sensors you selected for the Live Sensor Grid.

    From here making a chart is simply the chart wizard's point, click, drag, etc. Hope this helps with anybody who's using ProScan.

    BTW, I was looking for a more automated way to do this but I'm no Excel guru. Anybody know a less hands on way to do this?


    <-- that's my fave smiley