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    Has anyone got a good (inexpensive) hardware solution (home made - or purchased) to connect the CarPC's serial port to the 0-5vdc output of an after-market w/b O2 sensor?

    I've been a geek for many years, but after getting a Mustang to satisfy my mid-life-crisis, I'd like to use the CarPC project to do some interactive data logging and tunning.

    I'm thinking the data logging device could interface more than one sensor... ...outside & inside temp is all i can think of right now.

    The OBDII device (COM1) and the TwEECer/RT (USB) can access all the other vehicle data.

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    I don't know how inexpensive you are looking to go, but our PCMSCAN software supports several types (Innovate, AEM, TechEdge) of after-market wideband sensors. You simply connect the OBD-II plug into one of your serial ports (or USB ports) and the wideband's serial output into another serial port. Then configure PCMSCAN to connect on both ports (this is very easy to do), and PCMSCAN will do the data logging from both ports simultaneously.

    After you have the data logging set up, you can view the wideband data along side the engine data in the dashboards, tables, graphs, or maps in PCMSCAN.

    Brian @ Palmer Performance Engineering, Inc.


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      Thanks for the link, I'll keep it in mind for when I have everything all hooked up. But, the w/b O2 sensor does not have a serial out... that is the whole point of this thread. It has a 0-1v out to replace the original narrow band sensor and a 0-5v (wide band) output (two wires)


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        If i'm not mistaken there's a thread on but it might be on rx7club... about a board that converts the 0-5v of a wideband out to a more useful format. If you're into carpc's why don't you megasquirt your mustang and hook it up to your carpc? custom 0-5v in, datalogging, DIY.

        btw there's no use in datalogging your wideband if you don't have other useful things to monitor like TPS & RPM, etc.


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          Originally posted by CapnBoost View Post
          monitor like TPS & RPM, etc.
          The TwEECer/RT does the data logging for everything but the w/b O2 so that should be good.

          Thanks for the link... lots of stuff to look through. I'll post the project link if i find one.

          Here is a link to the PLX w/b O2 sensor i have.


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            You have to be able to line up the sensor data side by side. To have one ahead or behind will eliminate its usefulness in tuning. What is TwEECer/RT? I posted a thread on the 7 forums trying to find the discussion if it was there. there's *lots* of good stuff on hackaday even if you don't find what you're looking for.

            I found the thread i was looking for:

            But it was EGT's and making them 0-5v to interface with datalogging stand-alones.

            If you want to get nerdy try to log:
            intake air temp (not as crucial on a naturally aspirated car)
            injector duty
            ignition advance/retard
            & EGT's

            if you can put those all side by side it should be a good aid in tuning.


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              the data logger projet is on hold while i fix another problem that poped up today. I lost 3rd and 4th gear... so theres no need to log data on a car that can't go over 30mph!


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                I think this may be what you are looking for, but I donno. This is from Innovate and it connects sensors to comp and comes with datalogging software (free dl). Hopefully it'll solve your problem.



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                  There's a project in the Hardware Development subforum. one of the first few links.


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                    Innovate is in development of an OBD2 interface. Supposed to be $149.
                    It has a USB interface for monitoring and datalogging as well as serial link for
                    all their other sensors (wideband, etc). It's called OpenTune (OT-1). So, all
                    you would need is the OT-1 module and a wideband (or 2 for your V8). Here
                    is a link with a small news blurb about it:



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                      OK, I fixed the trany problem - (Swapped my automatic for a manual)

                      I find it hard to believe their is not an inexpensive solution to monitoring a 0-5 volt signal via Serial or USB. I'm going to dig through CapnBoost's suggestion of and see if they have something simple.


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                        I found the link i was looking for it was in my previous post. I think that OT-1 Brock was talking about would be a great place to start. In fact i might look it up myself...


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                          bringing this back....

                          i run a TweecerR/T and a Innovate LC-1 wideband.

                          i used the tweecerR/T to datalog and can hook the lc-1 to my deleted EGR to monitor the 5volt it gives off and the tweecer converts it to my AFR.

                          i wanted to run a permanent gauge or a digital panel such as this one

                          but i thought it would look cooler on my CarPC.

                          the innovate LC-1 also comes with software and a serial cable to connect to the PC so that can be used.
                          95 Mustang 5.0
                          Custom Case, VIA m10000, 512 MB, 80gig, M2-ATX, Slot Load DVD, 7" LCD Touchscreen

                          80% done


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                            Fusion Brain and some hand crafted data logging software ?


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                              If anyone is still looking for the answer to this question, you have 2 options to datalog a wideband synced to a tweecer. If you are not running your EGR valve, both CalCon and BinEditor allow you to wire your 0-5v output to the signal wire of the egr position sensor. If you are like me and have your egr hooked up, you would need to purchase a basic dataq setup. I got mine for $50 for the USB version. Again, both CalCon and BinEditor will allow you to sync up with your datalog for the wideband. Check out for a lot more info on tuning the eec and hooking up the wideband. Also, I highly recommend BinEditor and EECAnalyzer over calcon/caledit. There is much more support for BinEditor and everything works right. EECAnalyzer will analyze your datalogs and do all the calculations needed for tuning the eec. Check out BinEditor and EECAnalyzer here