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Unusual connection problem - help needed

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  • Unusual connection problem - help needed

    I have a problem with a Land Rover Discovery 3 (2006) and ELM 327 interface.

    When i connect with the key in position 1 all is well.It connects ok and i can read the basic info.

    However when i try with key position 2 or car running it looses all connections.

    I have tryed connecting with the engine running and it does not work.

    I want to monitor real time signals but obviously i cant until i can work out why its disconnecting.

    Could it be its reading basic signals and then the car switches to the can bus side for the signals ?

    I have tryed various software and they all do the same .I have tryed the interface on a 2002 mini cooper and that works fine with the engine running.

    Any ideas ..what software ..moving wires in the interface OBD2 lead?

    Here is the OBD2 connecter in my car.
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