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OBD Port on Cavalier not Working!

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  • OBD Port on Cavalier not Working!

    Greeting All and thanks in advance for the help you offer.

    Problem: OBD Port on Chevy Cavalier 2000 not working, no output. This was verified by the Emission Inspection site. No output/display,,, no way of checking and completing inspection.

    Lets assume, both units, (mine and the inspection stations) are working properly. I could not find a fuse which indicated it supported the OBD function. Maybe the Cavalier does not have an associated fuse, not sure, if you have any thoughts/experience on this pls share.

    Prior to either:

    1. Taking it to the shop for diagnostics of the OBD Port or ...

    2. Taking the dash apart to trace the wiring harness....

    I'm looking for some time saving advise.

    I'm very willing to locate/replace the OnBoard Chip driving the OBD or whatever is necessary, just need some sound advice. Feel free to post or email me directly. Email and and posting is best option.


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    Most likely the lighter fuse/12 V accessory fuse is blown, this is a very common problem on GM cars, check that first.