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    I'm having trouble finding a program to simulate the data coming from an ELM on a PCs com port. I searched and found multiple references to a java app called jelmemulator, which is supposed to be here However that site is dead. Does anyone know anywhere else to look or have a alternative solution?

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    What are you trying to achieve? If you just need to simulate data to an app that you are writing an easier way might be to instrument your read bytes from a binary file that has sample OBD II output from a live session.



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      I want to have a app siting on another computer that is sending OBDII data to my app on my computer via a com port. I don't have much experience programming using serial comunications, so I want to simulate the process and not have to sit in my car and program. I suppose I could just program a simulator app myself and have it send previously captured sample data from a file. I think I will try that, thanks.


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        You do not need two computers to simulate serial communication between two applications. As far as an ELM emulator app is concerned, I know has one, but I am not sure if they would offer it for anyone to use (and it was extremely limited during testing)... however, it might get you started. Your best bet is probably just to pick up some hardware.
        Joel Konecny
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          I'd find a simulator useful as well. The only way to get valid responses out of an ELM is to have it plugged in. Having a simulator would sure help the battery-life on my car while I'm programming....

          Certainly, providing an effective emulator would encourage more developers to add code into their scan tool software.



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            I've written a simulator that works on J2534 devices. I'm willing to make it an open source project, but I haven't had time to post it on sourceforge or anywhere like that. Feel free to send me an IM or email if you're interested.


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              I believe I've learned enough in the past few weeks to write a simple simulator for myself. Does anyone have any good suggestions for a virtual serial port program? I've already found a few, but if anyone knows about a killer one, please share.


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                Here you hope hope this helps