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    If I want all the ODB information, do I just need to buy a super cheap reader for $30? Then do I need software too? Is the software included in Roadrunner or any skin? Does it embed or anything?

    Also, I used Xport3 to split my COM ports so now I'm getting information from the satellite like longitude and lattitude and heading, while also being able to use the navigation. The only problem is my skin also tells me how fast I'm going which I thought it pulled from the GPS, but it doesn't work. As I tap on the flash portion of the skin, it changes from heading to locked satellites to something else to speed (with speedometer) but it doesn't move as I'm driving. All the rest works, could it be because I don't have a OBD reader and it's trying to pull it from there? I guess I'd have to ask MGD since he made the skin......
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    If this is for an 05 Civic you can get an ISO only interface for approx $ 60.00 which would come with software that roadrunner can run as an external exe.

    You might also want to consider the OBDPro interface at $ 84.99 which supports multiple protocols so if you switch cars you can still use the interface