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What features do you think modern obd2 scan software is lacking?

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  • What features do you think modern obd2 scan software is lacking?

    Name some please.

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    Please don't double post.

    Your question is very open ended. There are many things you could add to OBDII software, but that doesn't mean the information is output from the EFI computer.

    What features would you like to see added? Why do you want this info? Are you planning to write your own software?
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      Yes I would like to write my own software, but i don't know what extra functionality can i add to it because I'm relatively new to automobile diagnostic stuff and all the software i read about has similar functions. So any help would be appreciated.


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        Missing features that are common requests:
        1. High speed (>40 Hz) datalogging for 10 or more parameters at once
        2. Enhanced manufacturer-specific parameters
        3. Read/clear airbag and ABS trouble codes
        4. Guided diagnostics based on DTCs
        5. Active control of power locks, power windows, and heads up display
        Any of those would probably get you a fanclub.


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          Joey's #2 would put you ahead of snap-on, matco, mac, and OTC. You still cannot do some ford tests on 6.0's without fords wds hardware. No one supports or will release the info.