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  • EMS programming questions

    I've been looking around and Google searching, trying to find the answer to this question, but for some reason I can't find anything concrete, so I figured I'd try here. If I have an EMS, say, for example, the MoTec M400 or Greddy E-Manage or some kind of programmable tuning chip soldered to my OEM ECU, and if I have the ECU schematics, what all is involved in programming? I'm not asking because this is a project I want to undertake, but my tuner is going to be teaching me to tune one of my project cars (K-Pro) and I was wondering if the actual programming involved a lot more than pretty much copying the base map to the EMS. I know it sounds stupid because I would think it does, but to get the car up and running and ready for a tune, what kind of programming is required.

    The car in question is a 2006 Honda Civic (non-Si). It has the R18 engine and I've been thinking about sourcing a supercharger from the Cobalt SS Supercharged with custom pulleys, etc. etc. The only problem is, I have no way of tuning it and am trying to come up with a way to do so. It's probably going to be awhile before the aftermarket catches up (as in 5-7 years)

    Not a big deal, it's a salvage car and is just a little side project to practice tuning on, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Any books, videos, free resources...ANYTHING. lol